Although one can not go without notes (bibliographical, indicating sources), a good principle about using footnotes is that an idea re-sent to a note is an idea that we were unable to integrate into the thread of the main discourse. And that, therefore, we left hanging, to the care of the reader. Long notes – which really constitute excerpts out of the main context of the discourse – should be left to independent articles. Abusing notes is cutting or deflecting the thread of reading, revealing a lack of analytical rigor and the ability to distinguish the pertinent from the superfluous or purely impertinent.

The texts of other authors, when quoted literally, must be enclosed in quotation marks, indicating their origin with precision. The use of other people’s ideas about a certain point must be pointed out scrupulously in note; repeating itself throughout a chapter, it suffices an initial note recognizing what in the writing of this chapter is due to readings others, well referenced.

There are citation rules – to be learned, if not before, at least in the discipline of Legal Research Methodology – which should be must be respected. The edition and page number of the edition used should never be missing, since they are indispensable to identify the quoted text and thus allow the control of what is quoted.

The comfortable expressions above, below, passim, per totum should be avoided because they do not allow an easy identification of the place mentioned and ask about how to buy essays online for college . Subservient or, conversely, grumpy or offensive citation should also be avoided.

The work of final preparation and even writing of the dissertation should be supervised by the advisor. In any case, this supervision should not be done in a way that would limit the freedom of creation of the author, nor deprive him of the result. The mentor is neither a ghost writer nor a life insurance.

The revision of the text is also part of the wording. It is a demanding and time-consuming job, especially if it is left to complete the references by now (this can create insurmountable difficulties at this stage!), But indispensable. A work with rogues, errors of remission, incomplete or wrong citations, flaws in the cited bibliography, indicates lack of care, lack of care or lack of respect for the reader. Finding a colleague who will read the dissertation after its completion is a sadly rare happiness that should never be missed and, of course, gratefully acknowledged.

The law and the regulations of the School establish deadlines for the delivery of the thesis, as well as stipulate the procedures for its evaluation. It has been a rule of the FD-UNL to comply strictly with these rules, in particular with regard to observance of the deadlines for marking the defense session. It is also worth noting that, without prejudice to the strict compliance with legal norms and the search for high quality standards, the following good practices have been observed:

compliance with the time given to the candidate to express his or her views, cordial treatment of the candidate, granting of an initial period of exposition of the core of his dissertation, extension of the participation of the members of the jury in the discussion with prior information of the candidate, attenuation of the excessive formalism of the public act of defense of the dissertation.